Thursday, May 11, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week Part 5

Happy Teacher appreciation week!  Here is what our families have to say about our wonderful staff!

Mrs. Graham:
She is a really nice teacher and always has a cheerful voice.

Mrs. Buxton:
She makes our physical science class fun and is the type of teacher that makes you forget that you are learning in class and lets us do fun experiments. :)
Whenever I need her help she is always more than willing to help. She gave me confidence to talk to teachers something I am not that great at doing. She is the best!
She is always willing to help out at anytime and is always super nice!

Mrs. Rees:
She is very organized and she was nice. I connected with her more than almost any other teacher I have ever had.
Mrs.Rees is very funny and she always tries to have fun with our assignments.
She was so nice, and she actually accepted your recommendations.
she is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so nice and kind.

Mrs. Rees is an amazing teacher!  She is kind and patient.  She is alway available when I have a question and encourages me to always do my best.  She has built my confidence which has made me excited to learn!  She makes learning fun and I have really enjoyed having her as my 3rd grade teacher.  

Mrs. Wood:
She has always encouraged me do continue doing great. Even when I haven't felt like it was worth it.
All the assignments in her class are fun and always out on time.

Mrs. Krow:
Super nice and helpful
Because she's always gone above and beyond to try and help with anything she could for me.

Mrs. Henschel:
She cares about my life and has a fun sense of humor.

She always looks out for me, and never makes a big deal out of being a little bit behind.

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