Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week Part 2

Happy Teacher appreciation week!  Here is what our families have to say about our wonderful staff!

Mrs. Narayan:
She is very helpful and always makes me feel smart.
She is so sweet, nice and kind.
She helped me learn and is always kind to me.
She is nice.
Mrs. Narayan is my favorite teacher because she is very nice and lots of fun.
She is EXTREMELY sweet!

Mrs. Nedved:
Mrs. Nedved is very passionate about math and about helping her students to succeed. She does a great job of explaining math concepts, is very encouraging, and always does her best to make class exciting, even to those who don't love the subject as much as she does.
She has helped me in math, than any other other has in my whole school career.
I 've never had an A in Math in till now, and actually keep it at an A. One of my favorite things I love about her is that she makes things easy to understand, and to learn. So thank you Mrs. Nedved!!!!!!
She is really sweet and understanding, unlike the majority of the other teachers. She lets you have extra time to work on assignment if you need it, so you get a one week grace period. I just love her bubbly attitude and it seems to rub off onto you. :)
Her teaching style is my favorite, she knows how to make notes not terrible, whilst helping us learn. She also takes time to personally know each of her students and has helped pull me out of the fire several times and I am grateful for that. She helps me have hope for my grades this year, especially since it's been so hard on me.
She helped make math very easy to understand. She made me like math more!
She has helped me and given me some great advice as to how to keep my grades up, witch saved me from summer school
She is very unique in the way she teaches. She makes math understandable and actually takes her time to teach us every day by making a video of her teaching us. She is very nice and understanding whenever I struggle. I have never enjoyed math more than i have this year. She is a good teacher and takes her time to teach us until we understand what she is teaching us.
She is very helpful. Always available to help you understand. She also does a really good job explaining things in her DIs.
She teaches very well and helps me understand math.
Mrs. Nedved always has a direct and clear way of teaching. She may be the only reason I am doing so well in Geometry. She is always willing to help me understand, and correct even when I make a really stupid mistake.
She always helps me and she responds to my questions right away. She always listens to my panicked emails when I get super stressed. I really appreciate that.
She is always so kind and supportive. She is so willing to help at any time.

Mrs. Fedde:
She was very helpful when teaching me something I didn't understand. I would ask her if she could help me understand something and she would be there to help me!
She helps with her assignments and always tries to get your grades up.
Sure understands our needs and she always has ways to help us progress educationally. She's wonderful and amazing to have as a teacher for many class of mine.
I love Mrs. Fedde, because she is always there for me. She never tells me that I can't do something. She is always very supportive and I have learned so much from her. She has given me alot of advice on how to do good in my classes. If my grades are bad, she would tell me that "I know that you can catch up with your school work and raise your grades up." Thank you Mrs. Fedde for all of the things that you have done for me!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Fedde is my favorite teacher because she is always ready to help me! She also walks me through how to do my assignments that I am stuck on step by step. Mrs. Fedde always seems cheerful and ready to teach. She has made my first year at BSO less stressful and an amazing experience.
She is always there to support me and answer any questions that I have.
The reason I chose Mrs.Fedde as my favorite teacher is because she is the nicest and sweetest teacher ever. She always answers my questions right away. Every time I need help, I always ask Mrs.Fedde and she answers me right away. That is why Mrs.Fedde is my favorite teacher. 

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