Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week Part 3

Happy Teacher appreciation week!  Here is what our families have to say about our wonderful staff!

Mrs. Csenge:
She is very sweet and exciting. She always makes me feel happy doing schoolwork. She also helps me when I need some help.
She is very nice and a very good teacher she is also very funny and helps me with math a lot.
She is very nice.
She is kind and tells me to keep up the good work.
She tries her best to make school work fun.
She is very helpful.
She is AWESOME! she is always so understanding and helpful!
Mrs. Csenge is my favorite teacher because she is kind and understanding. She also puts her everything into what she does.
She is my only teacher.
She’s the best.
She is my favorite because she works with 5 th and 4th grade and she helps me out a lot. :-)

Mrs. Bononato:
She makes sure, I'm doing good with my classes :)
She is fun and happy in the DIs.
Mrs. Bononato is very personal, she shows has a personal relationship with the students, she is positive and I feel free to talk to her. It makes me want to succeed in her class.
She has helped me improve my Spanish speaking skills.
She is always very nice and is always helpful if you need help.
She's cares how well you do. She puts a lot of effort into teaching in her DIs. I actually learn something everyone in her classes. She also finds ways to make it interesting.
Her teaching skills are amazing and she is very helpful.
My favorite Branson teacher is Mrs. Bononato because she's such a kind and loving teacher and she is always there when I ask for help. Not only this but she is one of the most open people to talk to (even if its just for a moment) she helps when I'm dealing with something at home and I don't know to deal with it and it might interfere with my work. She is so understanding and wonderful. I love her so much and I wish she was my teacher for every subject for the rest of my school years in Branson!!!

Mrs. Borden:
She is very helpful when teaching me something I didn't understand. I would ask her if she could help me understand something and she would be there to help me!  
She is always very supportive, understanding and nice. I like how she connects with her students at a personal level, asking about their day, and telling them about hers.
Shes the most nicest teacher ever and such a kind and sweet person to the students and the District for Branson!!
She is my favorite teacher because she is nice and doesn't give to much work for the week.
She makes school amazing and fun, while still teaching us important information for the next year. I honestly wish all of my teachers were as supportive and fabulous as she is.
She is very funny, polite, and is just the best:)
She is nice, and is always helpful.
She has helped me get caught up. She only assigns compass which is probably one of the website that I understand. When I have missing assignment she is not mad at me she just tells me I have missing assignments nicely. Thank you Mrs. Borden :)
She is Always Always there when you need her.

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