Monday, May 22, 2017

Student Spotlight: Miles and Spencer G.

Congrats to Miles and Spencer G. who recently competed in a robotics championship!

Click on the link below to read more about their outstanding achievement!

Team # 6929 Data Force

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May Feature Teacher

Branson School Online is home to the most talented and dedicated teaching staff in Colorado! 

Each month we introduce you to one of our incredible Branson School Online teachers. 

Our Feature Teacher for the month of May is:

Yara Fedde!

Mrs. Fedde is the 7th and 8th grade math teacher for Branson School Online. Read on to learn more about this talented BSO teacher! 

Name: Yara Fedde

Years Teaching:15 years

Years with BSO:4

Favorite food: Fresh seafood

Favorite color: Blue, purple, green - colors need partners

Pets: 1 Cat and 3 chickens

Hobbies: Fused glass, gardening, photography

What do you love about teaching? Helping students succeed, especially when they didn't think they could do it

What do you love about teaching with Branson? Getting to know students and the variety of support available

Favorite season? Spring because it is unpredictable, and brings new growth and baby animals

Favorite place you have traveled to? Australia

# 1 item on your bucket list: Viewing the northern lights

Favorite book/author: Currently Steve Berry and Eion Coffer

Favorite sport: Soccer

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week Part 5

Happy Teacher appreciation week!  Here is what our families have to say about our wonderful staff!

Mrs. Graham:
She is a really nice teacher and always has a cheerful voice.

Mrs. Buxton:
She makes our physical science class fun and is the type of teacher that makes you forget that you are learning in class and lets us do fun experiments. :)
Whenever I need her help she is always more than willing to help. She gave me confidence to talk to teachers something I am not that great at doing. She is the best!
She is always willing to help out at anytime and is always super nice!

Mrs. Rees:
She is very organized and she was nice. I connected with her more than almost any other teacher I have ever had.
Mrs.Rees is very funny and she always tries to have fun with our assignments.
She was so nice, and she actually accepted your recommendations.
she is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so nice and kind.

Mrs. Rees is an amazing teacher!  She is kind and patient.  She is alway available when I have a question and encourages me to always do my best.  She has built my confidence which has made me excited to learn!  She makes learning fun and I have really enjoyed having her as my 3rd grade teacher.  

Mrs. Wood:
She has always encouraged me do continue doing great. Even when I haven't felt like it was worth it.
All the assignments in her class are fun and always out on time.

Mrs. Krow:
Super nice and helpful
Because she's always gone above and beyond to try and help with anything she could for me.

Mrs. Henschel:
She cares about my life and has a fun sense of humor.

She always looks out for me, and never makes a big deal out of being a little bit behind.

Teacher Appreciation Week Part 4

Happy Teacher appreciation week!  Here is what our families have to say about our wonderful staff!

Mrs. Alfonso:
My favorite BSO Teacher is Alisa Alfonso. This is because she is a very nice, respectful teacher, who gives help when needed and handles matters very calmly and professional.
I think she is very helpful. I loved having her in math in my freshmen year and she is a great homeroom teacher, she is super sweet!

Mrs. True:
You are my teacher and you mean a lot to me.
She is really nice, helps me understand a word if i can not read it, and is really awesome, that's why I am voting for her.
She is my favorite because she is nice, and she teaches me good things.

Ms. Holt:
She is always helpful. She considers my opinions and takes them into account.
I really love Ms.Holt, she is one my favorite teachers.

Mrs. Wollert:
She is so sweet, a great teacher and we have the most in common.
She is so sweet and nice but is also a great Civics and homeroom teacher. She helps me with a lot and I really appreciate her. I'm glad she is one of my teachers.
She is a great Teacher and a very nice teacher, she is helpful at all the time, what I mean by all time is 24/7 even on the weekends , she never makes us do missing Di. and also she grades my gradebook right away she calls every Monday to check on with me , I really like her class she picks up the phone everyday.
Because she was very helpful and informative in her DI's and she always made our class fun and expressed kind words to everyone. Her organization made it easy to learn about the topics we were being taught in Civics Class regarding our world's history and present events.
She made history fun.
She is my favorite teacher because she is always gets right back to you when you ask a question and she will always have a answer for you. 
She made going to class more enjoyable and interesting. I usually get excited to attend her class and learn civics. 

She is a good teacher and I learn in her class. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week Part 3

Happy Teacher appreciation week!  Here is what our families have to say about our wonderful staff!

Mrs. Csenge:
She is very sweet and exciting. She always makes me feel happy doing schoolwork. She also helps me when I need some help.
She is very nice and a very good teacher she is also very funny and helps me with math a lot.
She is very nice.
She is kind and tells me to keep up the good work.
She tries her best to make school work fun.
She is very helpful.
She is AWESOME! she is always so understanding and helpful!
Mrs. Csenge is my favorite teacher because she is kind and understanding. She also puts her everything into what she does.
She is my only teacher.
She’s the best.
She is my favorite because she works with 5 th and 4th grade and she helps me out a lot. :-)

Mrs. Bononato:
She makes sure, I'm doing good with my classes :)
She is fun and happy in the DIs.
Mrs. Bononato is very personal, she shows has a personal relationship with the students, she is positive and I feel free to talk to her. It makes me want to succeed in her class.
She has helped me improve my Spanish speaking skills.
She is always very nice and is always helpful if you need help.
She's cares how well you do. She puts a lot of effort into teaching in her DIs. I actually learn something everyone in her classes. She also finds ways to make it interesting.
Her teaching skills are amazing and she is very helpful.
My favorite Branson teacher is Mrs. Bononato because she's such a kind and loving teacher and she is always there when I ask for help. Not only this but she is one of the most open people to talk to (even if its just for a moment) she helps when I'm dealing with something at home and I don't know to deal with it and it might interfere with my work. She is so understanding and wonderful. I love her so much and I wish she was my teacher for every subject for the rest of my school years in Branson!!!

Mrs. Borden:
She is very helpful when teaching me something I didn't understand. I would ask her if she could help me understand something and she would be there to help me!  
She is always very supportive, understanding and nice. I like how she connects with her students at a personal level, asking about their day, and telling them about hers.
Shes the most nicest teacher ever and such a kind and sweet person to the students and the District for Branson!!
She is my favorite teacher because she is nice and doesn't give to much work for the week.
She makes school amazing and fun, while still teaching us important information for the next year. I honestly wish all of my teachers were as supportive and fabulous as she is.
She is very funny, polite, and is just the best:)
She is nice, and is always helpful.
She has helped me get caught up. She only assigns compass which is probably one of the website that I understand. When I have missing assignment she is not mad at me she just tells me I have missing assignments nicely. Thank you Mrs. Borden :)
She is Always Always there when you need her.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week Part 2

Happy Teacher appreciation week!  Here is what our families have to say about our wonderful staff!

Mrs. Narayan:
She is very helpful and always makes me feel smart.
She is so sweet, nice and kind.
She helped me learn and is always kind to me.
She is nice.
Mrs. Narayan is my favorite teacher because she is very nice and lots of fun.
She is EXTREMELY sweet!

Mrs. Nedved:
Mrs. Nedved is very passionate about math and about helping her students to succeed. She does a great job of explaining math concepts, is very encouraging, and always does her best to make class exciting, even to those who don't love the subject as much as she does.
She has helped me in math, than any other other has in my whole school career.
I 've never had an A in Math in till now, and actually keep it at an A. One of my favorite things I love about her is that she makes things easy to understand, and to learn. So thank you Mrs. Nedved!!!!!!
She is really sweet and understanding, unlike the majority of the other teachers. She lets you have extra time to work on assignment if you need it, so you get a one week grace period. I just love her bubbly attitude and it seems to rub off onto you. :)
Her teaching style is my favorite, she knows how to make notes not terrible, whilst helping us learn. She also takes time to personally know each of her students and has helped pull me out of the fire several times and I am grateful for that. She helps me have hope for my grades this year, especially since it's been so hard on me.
She helped make math very easy to understand. She made me like math more!
She has helped me and given me some great advice as to how to keep my grades up, witch saved me from summer school
She is very unique in the way she teaches. She makes math understandable and actually takes her time to teach us every day by making a video of her teaching us. She is very nice and understanding whenever I struggle. I have never enjoyed math more than i have this year. She is a good teacher and takes her time to teach us until we understand what she is teaching us.
She is very helpful. Always available to help you understand. She also does a really good job explaining things in her DIs.
She teaches very well and helps me understand math.
Mrs. Nedved always has a direct and clear way of teaching. She may be the only reason I am doing so well in Geometry. She is always willing to help me understand, and correct even when I make a really stupid mistake.
She always helps me and she responds to my questions right away. She always listens to my panicked emails when I get super stressed. I really appreciate that.
She is always so kind and supportive. She is so willing to help at any time.

Mrs. Fedde:
She was very helpful when teaching me something I didn't understand. I would ask her if she could help me understand something and she would be there to help me!
She helps with her assignments and always tries to get your grades up.
Sure understands our needs and she always has ways to help us progress educationally. She's wonderful and amazing to have as a teacher for many class of mine.
I love Mrs. Fedde, because she is always there for me. She never tells me that I can't do something. She is always very supportive and I have learned so much from her. She has given me alot of advice on how to do good in my classes. If my grades are bad, she would tell me that "I know that you can catch up with your school work and raise your grades up." Thank you Mrs. Fedde for all of the things that you have done for me!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Fedde is my favorite teacher because she is always ready to help me! She also walks me through how to do my assignments that I am stuck on step by step. Mrs. Fedde always seems cheerful and ready to teach. She has made my first year at BSO less stressful and an amazing experience.
She is always there to support me and answer any questions that I have.
The reason I chose Mrs.Fedde as my favorite teacher is because she is the nicest and sweetest teacher ever. She always answers my questions right away. Every time I need help, I always ask Mrs.Fedde and she answers me right away. That is why Mrs.Fedde is my favorite teacher. 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week Part 1

Happy Teacher appreciation week!  Here is what our families had to say about our wonderful staff!

Kristin Sim:
Mrs.Sim is nice and sweet and makes me laugh sometimes.
Mrs. Sim is my favorite teacher because she always replies quickly and with simple answers, and she is always willing to accommodate depending on town trips and sickness and such.
She is super nice, super helpful, and super awesome!! Whenever I need help, I can always rely on her. She is very understanding and I truly appreciate all the work she does.
She is very supportive and encouraging.
She is always trying her hardest to help out all of her students, no matter what kind of help they need or when they need it. She is also very patient when it comes to overdue work. 
She is very kind, friendly, flexible, and helpful.
She been there for me a lot this year and help me so so so much she is just so awesome teacher.
She helps everyone and the whole school.
She is always making sure that my grades are the best they can be! Mrs. Sim has helped me grow.
She is always there to help me and answer my questions.

Mr. Pierce:
He makes class fun, and he is understanding when things unexpectedly go wrong.
I love the simple and funny way he teaches English.
He makes learning fun, helps you whenever you need it, and is a funny teacher.

Mr. Pierce is my favorite English teacher because he always finds a way to make even the darkest Shakespeare play funny, and he helps us to think in a unique way. 

Mrs. Salazar:
She helps work us through assignments and the assignments are fun.
Cherith explain things really well and she makes it fun to learn. 
Science used to scare me because I never did well with the subject but now I get the highest grades in Science class because of her teaching methods.
I never dread Science DIs because I know I'll get good information for my assignments unlike my other classes. I'm pretty grateful that she is my homeroom/science teacher.
She teaches my favorite subject.
She is awesome and she does not give us a crazy amount of work each week (like some other teachers; no names : ))and I love the way she explains things and makes it easy to understand the things we are learning!
She seems really cool and passionate about what she teaches.
She is the best teacher I ever had and she will take the extra time to help you. :)
She was fun and happy in the DIs.
She is awesome and she is very strict. P.S. She has kids my own age
Mrs. Salazar gives the right amount of work so we don't have to run to finish, we have time to really learn it. She is very helpful, she allows us to redo if we want to better our grade, her DI are always helpful, and if we have questions, she takes the time to answer.

My favorite teacher by far…
Is definitely Mrs. Cherith Salazar.
She is funny as well as she is witty…
Is she your teacher? No? What a pity.
She has the patience of a saint…
And boring she surely ain’t.
She knows everything about science…
And makes it so interesting we are in compliance.
With work she is never overtaxing…
Which for us is very relaxing.
She is totally forthcoming with all that you need…
To complete our lessons, on her knowledge we feed.
She makes all our lessons interesting and big…
Even made a photosynthesis joke on a pig.
Which is even more ironic for her…
Because she hates bacon…go figure.

Thank you Mrs. Salazar for all that you do! :-D
She is so nice and understanding of my struggles and always willing to help me.
She is always right there for me when I needed it even in a remote area.
She is helpful and understanding.
She makes Science fun. And thanks to her I actually like science.