Thursday, May 11, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week Part 4

Happy Teacher appreciation week!  Here is what our families have to say about our wonderful staff!

Mrs. Alfonso:
My favorite BSO Teacher is Alisa Alfonso. This is because she is a very nice, respectful teacher, who gives help when needed and handles matters very calmly and professional.
I think she is very helpful. I loved having her in math in my freshmen year and she is a great homeroom teacher, she is super sweet!

Mrs. True:
You are my teacher and you mean a lot to me.
She is really nice, helps me understand a word if i can not read it, and is really awesome, that's why I am voting for her.
She is my favorite because she is nice, and she teaches me good things.

Ms. Holt:
She is always helpful. She considers my opinions and takes them into account.
I really love Ms.Holt, she is one my favorite teachers.

Mrs. Wollert:
She is so sweet, a great teacher and we have the most in common.
She is so sweet and nice but is also a great Civics and homeroom teacher. She helps me with a lot and I really appreciate her. I'm glad she is one of my teachers.
She is a great Teacher and a very nice teacher, she is helpful at all the time, what I mean by all time is 24/7 even on the weekends , she never makes us do missing Di. and also she grades my gradebook right away she calls every Monday to check on with me , I really like her class she picks up the phone everyday.
Because she was very helpful and informative in her DI's and she always made our class fun and expressed kind words to everyone. Her organization made it easy to learn about the topics we were being taught in Civics Class regarding our world's history and present events.
She made history fun.
She is my favorite teacher because she is always gets right back to you when you ask a question and she will always have a answer for you. 
She made going to class more enjoyable and interesting. I usually get excited to attend her class and learn civics. 

She is a good teacher and I learn in her class. 

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