Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Administrative Professional’s Day!

We want to wish a Happy Administrative Professional’s Day to our wonderful staff!

Jennifer Owens is our Administrative Assistant and has worked at BSO for seven years.  What she loves most about her job is “I absolutely love supporting anyone who may need my assistance.”
Family: My husband, Jay. My son, Walker. My daughter, Grace.
Pets: Sarge is my miniature schnauzer. He thinks that he is human and wants to be held like a baby all the time.
Favorite Treat: I love brownies and ice cold milk.
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Vacation: I love going to Mexico with my whole family.
Bucket List Item: I would love to go to Italy with my family.

Lori Green is our Assistant Business Manager and has worked at the Branson School and then BSO for twenty-one years.  What she loves most about her job is “Not sure that I can say just one thing - I love my job. It can be very rewarding.”
Family: My husband Craig - we have been married 37 years. I am the proud Aunt of 6 wonderful nieces and nephews.
Pets: Jenny - our Airedale Terrier. She is such a smart dog and so much fun!
Favorite Treat: Popcorn and Pepsi
Favorite Sport: Colorado Rockies Baseball
Favorite Vacation: Our whole family went to the PRCA finals in Las Vegas when my nephew competed in steer wrestling.
Fun Fact: I was born and raised here in Branson. I graduated from Branson High School - I am proud to work for Branson School District.

Letha Martinez is our Admissions Coordinator and has worked for BSO for two years. What she loves about her job is, “It's very nice to have the same schedule as my four teenage boys who attend the BAM. It makes it easy to be around for all the activities they participate in. I also love that the people I work with (including the BSO families) and the atmosphere I work in are so laid back.”
Family: Noah (who will graduate from Branson High School this year), Elijah (a junior at the BAM), Carter (my nephew and a freshman at the BAM), and Isaiah (an 8th grader at the BAM).
Pets: We have a miniature Chihuahua named Brutus. He may be small, but he has a lion's heart!
Favorite Treat: I LOVE nachos. I would eat them for every meal if I could. I also love Rainier cherries. I would also eat those at every meal if they weren't so expensive...and if they were in season all year round.
Favorite Sport: I love softball and play every summer. I bounce around and pitch, catch, and play 1st and 2nd base. When it comes to watching sports, I prefer football over everything else. I am a die hard Branson Bearcats and Seattle Seahawks fan!!!
Favorite Vacation: The beach...any beach...hands down.
Bucket List Item: I would love to visit Israel. I have always been fascinated by the culture and history of that area.

Marlene Brown is our Business Manager and has worked for BSO has worked at the Branson School and then BSO for seventeen years. What she loves about her job is, “Working with the teachers and students.”
Family:  My husband, Henry 2 daughters and 11 grandchildren
Pets: 4 Corgi dogs Pennie, Tippy, Ranger and Spot
Favorite Treat: Yogurt
Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Vacation: Mt Princeton


  1. I love this blog post, these ladies are the heart of Branson. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn more about them! :)

  2. I agree with Kim! Thanks so much for posting! We appreciate each and every one of these ladies and all they do for our school!