Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Let's Get Connected!

Are you a Branson School Online family interested in connecting with other BSO families? Read on to learn about opportunities to connect with others in the BSO community.

Facebook Parent Group
Log into Facebook and look up the Branson School Online Parent Group. Click join. Because we are trying to keep the group closed for security purposes, you will receive an email asking verifying questions before you are approved. This group is for parents only and is a great way to connect with other BSO parents.

Field Trips
We offer at least one field trip opportunity each month. Field trips are a wonderful way to meet other BSO families in person. Check your email frequently for field trip opportunities. 

Student Directory
We have created an online student directory. We are excited to offer this tool as an opportunity for others to connect within our community of learners. This tool gives students the opportunity to connect with BSO learners in their area. 

Your information will be included in the directory ONLY if you request to have it added.
Only those families participating in the directory will receive access to the document.

If you'd like to be added to the directory, please complete this form and then email Mrs. Kate Henson @

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