Monday, November 14, 2016

Haiku Contest Winners

2016 Haiku Contest
K-5 Winners
1st Place
Quiet Snow, by Karen B.
Quiet snow falling
Bells ringing on sleigh, laughter;
Warm memories forever.

2nd Place
My Dad, by Keeton E.
On a hot day
My dad drives an excavator;
He works for Tezak

6-8 Winners
1st Place
Pink Dancers, by Jasmine J.
Flamingos shining,
In the bright sun’s rays they glow;
Dancing gracefully.

2nd Place
Fall going onto Winter, by Bridger D. 
Red, Green, Yellow, Orange
The birds fly south for Winter.
White blankets the ground.

3rd Place 
Autumn, by Asma A.
Golden shimmering
the leaves drop so gracefully
against auburn sun

9-12 Winners
1st Place
Dying Season, by Sadiqah A.
Leaves die and fall down;
Fall is a dying season
Trees stand tall, empty 

2nd Place
Escaping Nightfall, by Kristiana G.
Through the vast meadow,
The birds are flying freely-
Fleeing from the dark.

3rd Place
Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, by Erica D.
Pumpkin- Spiced Lattes
Swirling crisp sunburnt leaves;

Flannels and sweaters.

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